Your Smell

I Had a Dream



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She scream just as loud as Maria Sharapova playing tennis

Is she playing tennis or living her life?

Why People Watch Attack On Titan

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Why people watch Attack on Titan? 

it might be because you are cruel 

without you even realize you are same cruel like those rapist and serial killer

how can you enjoy watching human devour by gigantic monster? 

like seriously there is something wrong with you 

you need help



I had ADHD so you can't blame me if I don't do my homework

I had ADHD so please don't disturb me while I'm doin somethin or I will kill you like seriously

I had ADHD so don't mind if in the middle of the night I do some karaoke or dancing

I had ADHD yes I'm that kind of person who had crazy vision of life

I had ADHD and I'm sensitive

I had ADHD yes I'm annoying

I had ADHD please be my friend

Have we ever met?